June 4, 2017

ACL surgery and Turning a Sewing Corner

So, big blog absence.  Reason:  I tore my ACL while playing rec center volleyball and had to have it surgically reconstructed.  I'm still in therapy but am back to mostly functioning (still no driving, which is annoying, but I can deal.)

I was still actively sewing before my injury and am starting to get back into it, and I think I've finally turned a corner.  The garments I'm making are starting to consistently turn out well.  Before now, it's always been a bit of a crapshoot, and I was never willing to risk any "good" fabric on basically anything.  I'm still learning which shapes I like on myself and haven't loved everything I've made, but I don't feel so much like a beginner.  Maybe for a lot of people this was a much shorter journey, but I was a little busy with other things along the way. :)

So I'll recap at least a few of the garments from the last chunk of sewing.  This is B6411, part of the Lisette line, and I just loved the look of the ruched wrap.

When I first finished it (minus hems) this was my favorite garment I've ever made.  I love the fabric!  However, when I went to actually wear it, I cut too much off the hem, and it took the proportions off a bit.  Then the long sleeves looked wrong with the short skirt, so I hacked them off, and now it looks like a t-shirt a bit.  But, I still love it, especially because I wore it for my"paper wedding".  (After we started seeing the bills for my surgery, we realized it was worth it to go ahead and make our marriage legal ahead of our ceremony so that my SO could have health insurance - had the ACL happened to him, we would be over our heads in debt!)

In an ideal world, I'd let the hem down some and cut the sleeves to more of a cap sleeve, but I make no guarantees. (As I write this, I'm wearing it just as-is again).  It's a perfectly good summer dress, and those are important right now because of the lovely leg brace you see in the picture.

I'm off to see Wonder Woman - hope everyone's having a good weekend!