June 5, 2016

Can't unwire the science brain.

Does anyone else have these moments where you look from outside yourself and think, "Why do I do this random thing that I do?"  I had that after I made this shirt.
Sorry for the squinting - I'm a lab rat and generally fear the evil daystar.
It's Stretch and Sew 313, one of probably 10 from that line I picked up at Goodwill for 10 cents each.  I wanted to make something out of my Lady Skater leftovers to just finish using up that fabric, and I finally exhausted my Renfrew mania, so this was up as the next candidate.  I traced it off (these all come as master patterns, so you have to trace), cut it out, sewed it up.  You'll notice a step missing there.  No pattern alterations, which in my world is mostly just FBAs.
Here you can see the folds of fabric right at my armpits.
Now, I know full well that I need one.  But every time I make a new pattern, especially a relatively quick one, something in my brain always says, "No, just make it as is, then see where you're at and make changes from there."  It's like I'm afraid to ruin it with my pattern alteration or something.  And then I had the moment.  It's not because I'm a bad seamstress; it's because I'm a good scientist.

In science, if you are trying to replicate a known procedure, your first step is ALWAYS to repeat the procedure exactly as reported (or as close as you can get with your equipment, etc.).  You have to make sure you're starting from the same point as the previous authors, THEN you can make your changes and discover something new from there.

Will knowing where it's coming from change my silly compulsion to make patterns exactly as written the first time?  Not sure.  But it is always interesting to think about things like this.

About the actual sewing.  I like this shirt.  It's long enough in both the body and the sleeves without me doing anything.  I hate cap sleeves, and these feel like a real substantial short sleeve.  The pattern also comes with a bodysuit option, so I'm assuming the length is meant to be tucked in, but I'll take it any way I can get it.  The sleeves and neckline are meant to be done with ribbing, but I just used the same fabric cut on the cross grain.  I may make it with ribbing at some point, but I just didn't want contrasting bands for this one.  Obviously, it'd need an FBA, but not as big of one as I might have thought.  All in all, a solid basic pattern.  My next t-shirt is likely to be the Concord pattern (I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but some plus sized people I respect have said great things about it), but this is definitely one that I want to keep in the arsenal.  This is a nice solid fabric too, so this will totally work for casual wear even with the weird folds.

I've logged some solid sewing hours recently and it feels really great. Even though I haven't gotten a ton of wearable pieces out of it yet, I am burning through stash and continuing to learn. Hope everyone's sewing journey is going well too, no matter where along the path you are!


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