May 14, 2016

Pattern Matchers, Look Away Now...

So I wanted to make another Tiramisu.  I had this happy rainbow polka-dot fabric and was all set.  Until I tried to cut out and realized that the grid pattern of the dots was neither straight nor on grain.  I'm sure a better seamstress would have found a way to make it work.  What I instead did was throw caution to the wind and just cut it on grain and hoped I wouldn't hate it.

And I don't HATE it.
I just don't feel good about how it turned out.  But the quality of the fabric wasn't worth spending the time it would have taken to get these wandering stripes anywhere close to where they should be.  Seeing it all together, the busyness distracts from the crookness somewhat....
But the back shows the real story.  Almost, but just not quite right.  For what it's worth, the bust alteration I did (added 1 inch where suggested by the pattern) worked quite well, and in a lighter fabric the cut-on sleeves are not as big of an issue as they were in the grey version.  So if I wanted to make another Tiramisu, I'm happy with this version patternwise.  

Here, you can see that I really do fill out all that extra hip space that my dressform doesn't have, and that the top is nicely covered without a tanktop underneath.  (Does anyone else hate having to wear an extra tanktop for coverage?  It always shifts and pulls and bugs the crap out of me.)

I'm basically treating this as a "Forever 21-esqe" project - cheap fabric that's not going to last, but I got something cute and functional out of it, for however long it lasts.  Not something to strive for, 
but hopefully, as I continue to work through my stash and buy better fabric, this won't be an issue as often in the future.  

The last week or so has been devoted to crafty projects like making pillowcases and dice bags for various things around here, but anything I can do that moves fabric out and gets me in front of the machine is okay by me.  After this fabric, a nice solid cotton woven and sewing some straight lines was a nice palette cleanser.  Hope everyone is enjoying some nice spring weather!


  1. I think it is lovely and the pattern placement is barely an issue. Busy-ness is a great concealer! :)

    1. Don't get me wrong, I've worn it several times already. It was just that I finally knew enough to try to do it right and then I wasn't able to. No worries; I know there's plenty of stripes to match properly in my stash!


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