February 20, 2016

Dang it, McCall's!

     So the BF has wanted to do a Gambit cosplay for a long time, and we figured the upcoming movie release would be a perfect time.  I helped him look at pictures and search for patterns, and we decided that Burda 7780 would be a good base to work from.  He downloaded, printed, taped and traced it.  Then the new McCall's releases come out and there's this...

     For those of you not up on your X-Men, that is a Gambit coat.  Pretty much exactly.  Where were you a month ago?!? :P  (We are going to JoAnn's to see if they have them in this morning.)

    But seriously, I LOVE the Yaya Han line.  I know it's not everyone's bag, but for those of us who do cosplay, it's not only nice to get useful patterns like this one, which up til now we've been splicing and dicing existing patterns to get, but also to get a nod that we are a legitimate chunk of the home sewing community.  Who else do you think would be buying all that cheap poly velvet at JoAnn's?  :)
Well done, McCall's.

Side note:  I finally joined the rest of the world and got a smartphone, so if you do instagram, let me know your handle (name?  whatever it's called...) and I'll ogle all your sewing pictures.  :D

February 15, 2016

Simplicity 2172 Coat

NOTE: If some of you have already seen this post, it's because my Blogger app on my phone that had a partial draft of this post overrode the actual post that I had done on the laptop.  Argh. 

This beast is, by far, the most complex thing I have ever sewn.  I'd never done a jacket before, I'd never fully lined anything before, and I'm astonished.  It wasn't that bad once I got going.

First though, shout-outs to those who made this coat possible.  My boyfriend not only has been encouraging to make myself a costume for years, he cut the whole thing out for me, since   it is the part I hate the most.  The other thing that got me through this was the video walkthrough from Professor Pincushion.  I randomly found this after I was a few steps into construction, and after the first five minutes of watching, I caught a step that I'd missed when working from the pattern instructions.  These tutorials are clutch, and I will definitely check if she has one for any other mainstream patterns that I want to make.

Honestly, it has been so long since I started this (I finished the muslin in July 2013) that I don't remember much about the beginning construction, other than it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I eventually stalled out at the sleeves.  Since the sleeves have a flange as well, I thought I was going to have to pin all those layers and it was just going to be a hot mess when I tried to stitch it.  Um, no.  If I'd actually looked at the directions, everything's basted at each step so that when you actually sew the sleeve seam it's all nicely held together for you. NBD.

The most recent stall point was the buttonholes.  I have always been afraid of these but it was surprisingly easy with my new machine (I bought a Bernina 350 with my graduation money and haven't looked back).  I ended up having to move the top one down ever so slightly but overall I'm pretty happy with them.
I promise that top right corner is tucked under - the top is pretty much even
In other news, my attempt at Vogue 7890 crashed and burned, with the BF's exact words being to "put it out of its misery", but I have done a great job of knocking out some lingering alteration and knitting projects.  I'm already partway through another Tiramisu, so hopefully you'll see that soon.  I hop everyone else's projects go as well as this one did!