May 13, 2015

Polka Dotted Plantain

This poor fabric.  It was one I bought secondhand when I was about nine and first learning how to sew.   It always had big dreams; how could it not?  It's white with red polka dots, utterly classic.  It was born to be a lovely wrap dress or swishy skirt.  There's just one problem - there was never enough yardage for any of those things.  To even cut out the Plantain, I had to sacrifice the length of the sleeves.  It may not be glamorous, but it at least got out of the stash and into the world.

Things of note - Drag lines BEGGING for an FBA, and the fact that my chest almost matches the white shirt. 
I've had the Plantain pattern traced out for a while, but I was a little nervous about the silhouette on me. The pear shaping seemed like it would be good to fit over my curves but I generally tend to go for shirts that come in at the waist, since it's my smallest point by a large margin.  But you never know until you try, right?
More or less straight down from my widest point = not a great look
And now I know that I don't like the silhoutte.  The BF pointed out that there wasn't anything wrong with it, and that's completely true.  But I've been working on only keeping things that I really like (the less crap I have to move in October the better!) and it's not doing me any favors.  Upon wearing for a little while, it also has the annoying tendency for fabric to ride up above my bust and end up in my armpits, if that makes any sense. (After looking at blog pictures of other Plantains, I can definitively say I am not the only one with this problem.)  So it's going in the Goodwill bag, but for me it's completely served its purpose.  It let me make something usable  out of a fabric I've been holding onto for over half my lifetime and was a nice simple project that got me back in the swing of things.  I hope it finds a good owner!
You can start to see the above bust wrinkles in this pic.  They get worse the more I move.
    Next up is the Tiramisu. I actually finished this on Monday night and got pictures of it this morning, so it might be blogged sometime, say, this month? :) #gradschool


  1. Wow! Fabric since you were nine -- that is cherished fabric! I agree with your BF -- there is nothing wrong with the shirt but you need to feel comfortable in it so I understand why it is not your favorite. I have heard good things about the Tiramisu -- hopefully it is a winner for you!

  2. I think we are often too critical of our work. I do not think this is ready to go. I would encourage you to keep this one. If you are uncomfortable wearing it away from home, it would make a great sleep shirt or stay at home for study sessions.