May 16, 2015

Grey Tiramisu

This post is brought to you by the Great British Sewing Bee.  Seriously.  I've been binge watching all three seasons on repeat every night when I get home, and the whole time I was making this I was imagining what May and Patrick would say.  I definitely unpicked a few things that I would have left be otherwise, and really tried to get my topstitching nice and even everywhere.

The fabric I initially had in mind for this pattern is a rainbow polka dot knit, but I wanted to test the pattern first.  I pulled out this thicker grey mystery knit (definitely some poly content, but nice) because it was still quite chilly up here.  Since the pattern seemed to already allow a lot of custom fitting (bust size, different dots for waist size, etc.)  I didn't want to do any other alterations before I saw how it fit.
This has the waist pulled down below my bust, but you can see it's straining to stay there.
Overall, not bad, but not great.  I definitely see a lot more future potential in this for me than in the Lady Skater, as far as basic knit dresses go.  I love the skirt and am one of the people that will actually use the pockets, and I like having the actual waist piece that looks like it's supposed to be there.  As usual, even cutting the D cup bust piece was not enough, so that'll have to be fixed, but I like the way the wrap looks for the most part.  The worst part for me is the sleeves.  I don't know if I just can't do cut-on sleeves altogether or if it's these specifically, but trying to actually move and function during the day left them cutting into my arms so badly that I had red patches by the end of the day!  I doubt it'd be such a problem in a lighter weight fabric, but it definitely was an issue with this.
Side fit is pretty good,for my swayback, but you can see the front waist creeping up into the bust curve.
I think moving forward with this, I am going to stick with it and give it a good old FBA to get the waist piece to actually be under my bust line, and try it in my lighter weight fabric to see if the sleeves are still an issue.  This version will most likely end up as a skirt - I like the shape, the fabric and the pockets, but I don't have time to constantly be fiddling with the bust all day like I did the last time I wore it, and obviously don't want my arms rubbed raw from the sleeves!

Next up (most likely) is my first foray into wovens in a good long while.  I have so many nice woven patterns that I'd like to make, but I keep chickening out about fit.  Which is stupid.  It's only fabric!  If I can't be adventurous with inanimate pieces of cloth, what does that say about my life? For now, I'm off to grade hundreds of final exams, oh joy! :)


  1. I think this looks great! Wovens are much easy to sew with but require much more work to fit -- and you are right -- it is just fabric, have fun!

  2. It's a good silhouette for you. A grey skirt is a great wardrobe staple, a great way to re-purpose a muslin.