February 1, 2015

Oh Hey....

So...been a while, done some stuff, you're all here for sewing, right?  Onward!

What have I been doing with myself?

Making a Ruby Slip: (All my pictures thus far have turned out terribly, so none for now)

Biggest issue is containing the chest region in this one.  I ended up moving the crossover MUCH higher than indicated on the pattern, otherwise there would be some wardrobe malfunctions, if you know what I mean.  I know this is only an around the house thing, but I still don't want to be completely falling out of my top every time I lean over to pet the cat.  #bigboobproblems.  Otherwise it's nice, it was something different for me, and gave me a chance to burn through some of the ridiculous amounts of lace I own for no apparent reason.

Helping with Halloween:

I'm going to say it was about a week before Halloween that the BF decides he wants to be Green Lantern for Halloween.  Not just a generic Green Lantern, mind you, but specifically Guy Gardner. BEHOLD THE 80's IN ALL THEIR GLORY!
source: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/green_lantern/news/?a=34850

During this time, I was working ~15-16 hour days in lab doing revisions for a journal publication, so I was essentially available only to consult on how to put it together and not for actual sewing.  That boy freaking drafted his own pattern by looking at someone's vague tutorials on the internet, made two muslins, and finished the dang thing.  My biggest contributions were explaining general pattern concepts (like that if you need to sew two pieces together, they should probably be the same length) and finishing the armholes and the hem the morning of.

It's ugly on the inside, just like my first real sewing project (also a costume for him; sensing a theme here?) but I was pretty impressed for sure.  The giant upside of this is that now I can tell him he can sew his own costumes!  I just don't get motivated by costume sewing, to be honest.  They look great and are really fun when they're done, but it's so much work for something you're going to wear a few times.   Meh.

Learning knitting:

I blame this on the stress.  As I said, there was a period of really intense work (with one really frustrating coworker) and my two go-to crafts when I'm really stressed are knitting and latch hooking.  Easy, repetitive movements that still get you a result at the end.  Except I've gotten to the point with knitting where a random garter stitch scarf wasn't going to cut it.  Craftsy to the rescue!  We're not going to talk about how much money I've spent on that website; we just aren't.  But it's the best thing ever for yarny crafts. Certain things I can learn from books, but yarn crafts I need someone to show me.  So I've gone quickly past the just knit/purl patterns and am onto lace, increases and decreases, and soon, colorwork.  It's really hitting the spot for now, and I may end up digging into my fabric stash for scraps to make some project bags.  So still inspiring some sewing in a roundabout way.  At this point, I figure any creating that keeps me sane is a good thing.  Maybe one day this blog will be "Knitting for Real Life."  But for now, it's still boring scarves and hats mostly. (Finished 3 or 4, but they've all been given away) Working up to the sweaters.  Slowly but surely.

Anyhoo, that's how things have been going up in here.  My ironing board has decided it wants to bend at the point where the two legs are connected, so I really need to get a new one before I can do much more sewing.  Anybody have recommendations for a brand that can take a beating?  The cats love jumping up there and I'm generally pretty hard on things as well.  Stay warm out there!

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