February 4, 2015

In which I blatantly make things up as I go along....

So, this sweatshirt.  Ummmm... it got cut out sometime in October.  Then it sat on my sewing table while I went through insane periods of lab work, got laid on by the cats for a good long while, watched and waited while I started knitting instead of sewing, and was the absolute perfect project to come back to.  It's Vogue 8790, a pattern I've made before and loved, in a fabric that I've used before and liked even though the first attempt didn't really work out.
Giant hood says hello....
Having worked with this fabric once already, I really should have known the amount of stretch that's in it (a.k.a. much less for what this pattern calls for).  Luckily it's just big enough to work out okay for the body  of the garment, but definitely was not enough stretch for the neck binding.  After several different attempts....
So much gaping...

...I ended up doing a bias binding and liked that okay.  The longer I sew, the more I realize certain truths about what I will and will not wear.  Necklines that are high and tight are just a dealbreaker, even if I love the rest of the shirt, so it was worth my time to find a finish that both looked acceptable and that I would actually wear. It is not the most professional thing I've ever done by a long shot, but it'll do.
Yes, I pressed out that center fold line as soon as I saw this.  I swear you don't see it IRL.
 I have also recently realized that I hate sleeves that don't fit snugly on my wrists (seriously, why would it take me 25 years to figure this stuff out?) so I knew I wanted to do some ribbing cuffs but didn't worry about it until I actually got to the point of doing them.  Now I know for a fact that somewhere in my stash lives a half yard of black knit ribbing.  Could I find that ribbing? Of course not.  So what do I do?  Use the next closest thing-a piece of ribbed sweater knit that I have like eighty billion yards of. This made the cuffs still stretchy but sooooo soft.  I do fear that it will stretch out quicker than regular ribbing would have, but you know what?  I still won't have used that whole piece of sweater knit by then, so I'll just make new ones.  For now, I fully plan to enjoy my comfy cozy sweatshirt with no regrets. (I'm wearing it at work today, so we'll see if it passes the wear test)

What's next?  I have a Plantain cut out for another quick sew (like I do anything else these days). Also, as much as I maligned the Lady Skater pattern, I wear that thing all the freaking time.  So I want to try another equally hyped knit dress pattern, the Tiramisu.  This addresses the two main concerns I had with the Lady Skater: the waistband on the Tiramisu actually looks like it should be there and the pattern has pockets.  I never remember how much I need pockets until I don't have them.  I think I've talked about this before, but at a minimum I need to be able to carry my keys with me to get into instrumentation rooms around the chemistry building and ideally I'd also be able to carry my iPod with me as well. I hate pattern drafting so if the pattern doesn't include pockets to begin with,chances are they aren't getting included. So hopefully those will be completed soon! (If only we would get a snow day...)

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  1. Nice fix! The color is fab on you. Tiramisu -- never tired a Cake pattern so looking forward to hearing what you have to say!