February 20, 2015


As you can hopefully guess from the title, this is not really sewing related, except to give me hope that sometime soon I will have enough time to sew!

I've been offered and accepted a job in Pittsburgh that I will start upon completion of my Ph.D.  I've given them a start date of October with my boss's blessing, but there's so much to finish to make that date.  Almost as soon as the excitement wore off about the offer, something akin to blind terror set in about whether I will be able to finish by then.  That's starting to wear off a little, but I still need to push as hard as I can now in order to be in the best possible position to graduate.  Once I've gotten the actual science done I'll be in a much better place, as writing has never been much of a problem for me.

No matter what hours I'll need to pull to finish up, I am immensely thankful for this opportunity.  Many chemists in my field have to go for a postdoc (ANOTHER couple years of school at a different university) before they can get an industrial job, and I was not sure if I could handle that.  I cannot wait to actually help make products that end up on shelves and start using my training to solve real problems.

The sewing content here will completely depend on how my research goes in the final stretch.  If my last experiments all work well on the first try and I get a quick turnaround on my final project, I could theoretically even graduate early and have a month or so of free time before starting my job.  On the other hand, if I am running up to the literal wire with results, you many not see any more sewing until the end of 2015.  No matter what happens, one way or another I will be done with grad school in 2015. This has been such a long journey that I can't believe it will be coming to an end.  Off to make it happen!


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    1. Thank you! I know you know how the whole Ph.D. job search goes down. :)

  2. Holy crap how did I miss this!!!! Congratulations, such wonderful news. You'll get through it all, just keep your focus on what needs doing first.