June 22, 2014


So what up everybody?  Been a while.  Over the summer I lived in a hotel room and tried desperately not to mess up the fancy instrumentation at my internship.  Unfortunately, the stress of being in a new place and being out of my element mostly balanced out the lowered work hours.  I have gotten a few things sewn though.

 For every single summer weekend since I finished it, I have basically not taken this black jersey skirt off. (I have to wear pants during the week for safety reasons)  This sucker is basically the same as my tiedye skirt in that it's the main skirt pieces from Simplicity 1888 with a self-drafted waistband (see, when I say it all nice like that it sounds better than "I hacked something together that worked).  In this case, I tried to use a self fabric waistband, but that the skirt fabric was too heavy so I continued the hackery and inserted thick elastic into the waistband and called it a day. Then there was the moment when I thought I'd ruined it at the last minute by doing a double turned hem after interfacing because I didn't know what else to do and I'm too afraid of leaving knits unhemmed to just leave it.  Luckily, after a little bit of wear and definitely after the first wash, everything loosened up enough that I could deal.  Mostly because this fabric is pretty much the softest nicest stuff ever.  It's a jerk to cut out, but dang does it feel nice.

That's right, we are so classy on this blog that you get hotel mirror selfies (also, what is going on with my other hand here?).  It's really not much to see, it's a black knit gored skirt.  You could probably imagine it from just that description without the pics, but whatevs.
The spots are the mirror, not the skirt!

So...yeah.  Black skirt.  Woot.  More exciting things are to come.  Also, I went to Vogue fabrics for the first time this summer, for my birthday, so I will post pics of the fabric goodness before I wash them (the hotel washers and dryers were $3.00 a load for tiny loads, so I had to wait until I got back).

*If you're wondering WTF is up with my title, you need to check this out: http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/

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