May 6, 2014

More Non-Sewing: Life Update

So nothing fabric-y to show you, for several reasons.  First, I will be running in turbo mode at work until I leave for my internship on May 17.  After a 15 hour day, I can barely manage to shower and flop into bed, much less sew.  On my free Sundays (though I've been working for at least a few hours on those too) I've gotten back into an old love: the Sims 3.  Although I will admit that playing dress-up in Create A Sim has given me a few ideas for new clothes when I get some time...

In other news, the BF started his new job last week!  I can't help but imagine it as the Mad Men secretary pool, as he is the only male, and of his 4 coworkers, 3 are heavily pregnant!  One of them is leaving and staying home after the baby is born and the BF will be her replacement.

When I leave for my internship, I'm not going to be taking my sewing machine with me at first, because I'll be living in a hotel room.  However, I'm only 2 hours away from home, and will have full weekends instead of just Sundays off, so going home to sew is not out of the realm of possiblity.  I'm thinking pattern stuff and cutting fabric (no kitties to jump on the fabric!) while I'm at the hotel, and then I can bring them home and sew on weekends.  I'll basically be playing it by ear, as I'm not sure how much I'll have to do outside of work hours to make sure I'm up to speed, but in terms of total amount of free time, it will go through the roof.  I have to make sure not to waste it on cable TV and video games.

So most likely until then, not a lot of action here, but it will be coming!  Maybe I'll post some screenshots of the Sims outfits that are making me want real-life versions....Hope everyone's getting nice warmer weather now!