October 15, 2013

Five Months Later....

So...... these are the pants that would not die.  I took forever to cut the main fabric, then another couple months til I managed to cut the lining, pocket bags and interfacing, and even longer to actually sew any pieces together.  I honestly don't know what my blockage was with these, but I just could. not. get. motivated.  It could be because they're about as basic a garment as you can get - plain khaki trousers - or because I felt guilty about skipping the welt pockets (just couldn't be bothered when I wasn't sure I'd even like the cut of the pants).  For whatever reason, these would not move, and that held up everything else. Usually by the time I get something cut out (the part I hate), I'm so excited to get to the good part (the actual sewing) that I'm on a roll, but not with this one.

Were the results worth the wait? I think so!

They fit! For a first run, I'm pretty happy with the finishing on the outside - I'm especially proud of the fly front.  What I would improve on next time would be the inside.  If you're faint of heart, look away now....

Yikes.  The biggest problem here was that I misunderstood the waistband instructions.  When done correctly, the lining part of the waistband will cover most of the messy insides in here.  It's functional this way (with a few extra tacks to keep some things in place) but it is ugly.  The other thing I'm not 100% satisfied with the back fit.  There's a little bit of lumpiness and it's a little bit crooked, but again, functional. My fabric choice was definitely sub-par, as they don't really have enough heft to keep from wrinkling, but I knew that going in. All in all, these will make perfectly good lab pants, and they definitely have enough room to fit long johns underneath during the winter.

For the next go-round, I've got grey bottomweight fabric that I believe I got from a Craftster swap.  I'll obviously do the waistband correctly, try to further tweak the back, and maybe narrow the legs just a smidge.  We'll see if I get up the gumption to do the welt pockets this time.  Before that, I've got Simplicity 2192 already cut out from when I was going to make it for GenCon (maybe I'll finish before Halloween?) and a Renfrew, because I know I'll need some quick and easy projects in between the stages of that coat.  It's almost 40 steps, I believe, according to the pattern instructions.  It's a big 'un, but it's already cut out, so I need to get it finished and out of my way before I start anything new.  The excitement of planning fall garments will hopefully spur me on to knock it out quickly.  Here's hoping, anyway.

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