September 17, 2013

Not Dead, Just Busy...

And in the vein of this post, I'm not apologizing for it.  Just sharing.

So since the last time I've posted, here's what went down:
  • 2 weddings
  • 4 glorious days of GenCon
  • Presenting my work at the American Chemical Society national meeting
  • One department picnic successfully organized
  • Made a game-winning play in said department picnic softball tournament
  • Surprised my 4-year-old niece at school
  • Met my now 4-week-old niece!
     In the midst of all this, I maintained my normal 70 hour workweek, picked up another hobby I don't need (the Pokemon trading card game) and just generally ran out of steam for sewing.  However, I started catching up on all the sewing blogs about a week ago, and lo and behold the mojo is back!  As of this weekend, my sewing area is cleaned off (since it's right inside the door, "stuff" accumulates on the table unless I'm actively using it), and my Thurlows only need the waistband and a hem.  Unfortunately a few pieces seem to have disappeared, so this may require some re-cutting of lining bits.  But it's progress.

     Moving forward, I am also going to try really hard to only keep one project on the go at any given time.  At work, I am constantly saying how I have to keep my lab bench organized and everything well-labeled because I am too scatterbrained to keep track of what is where in my head.  The same needs to go for my sewing table, and it's too hard to do that when I've got more than one thing going.  This should also lead to completed projects in a more timely manner, if I'm not starting ten things and never finishing any.  In theory, anyway.  I'll leave you with the most exciting sewing development in my sewing room lately.

The iron situation has now gone from this....

To this!

 It's got heft!  And efficient steam production!  And doesn't leak all over everything!  It's no gravity feed, but it's a significant step up.  Better iron=better looking final projects=more motivation to sew.  More soon!

P.S.  So happy that sweater weather is back!  I hate winter, but I love sweaters!

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