August 5, 2013

The Purge

So about a week ago, I had a terrible start to my day.  I got to work in my scrubby T-shirt and holey tennis shoes, when suddenly I remembered I was supposed to have lunch with a seminar speaker that day.  I rushed home, showered (because TMI, I was totally trying to get away with unwashed hair, too), and changed into nice clothes.  At which point I realized how much better I felt about attacking my mountain of work for that day.  The person who had dragged herself in with a bad attitude ('cause it was Monday, dontchaknow) was totally different from the person who showed up nicely dressed.

As often happens with me, when I'm seized by an idea I obsess about it, and by the time I got off work that night I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I got a big Rubbermaid container from our storage unit and set to purging my wardrobe.  Anything that didn't fit, didn't flatter or wasn't comfortable went straight into the plastic bin.  The key to this was that afterwards, the bin just went into the bottom of the closet (I had to move all the shoes that had been down there to a high shelf because Gimli kept chewing on them - sometimes he thinks he's a dog, not a cat).  That way, I didn't have any regrets, and if I realized that I desperately needed something out of the box, it was right there and not already given away to the thrift store.  But at the same time, I could go to my (much emptier) closet and know that whatever I picked out would be well fitting and look good (for a given value of good), and I wouldn't have to feel bad about looking at a closet overstuffed with clothes while feeling like I had nothing to wear.

How did it go?  Quite well, I think.  I overfilled the tub to the point where I can't get the lid on, and alleviated all the bursting dresser drawers and made a serious dent in the closet.  Unfortunately, I was quite surprised by how much I still had left!  Granted, a decent percentage of this is bulky sweaters and layering thermals for the winter, and I still have to go through a few of my nicer dresses and really figure out what still fits, but this is where I'm at now.  Part of me already wants to get rid of the bin and get it out of there, but I will do my best to curb that feeling until I'm sure there's nothing in there that I need.  With a lot of things removed, it definitely makes it easier to see things that I'm lacking (non-t-shirt tops) and have more than I will probably wear of (skirts). Maybe I'll shop to fill those gaps, and maybe I'll sew.  Either way, it's nice to be able to see what I'm really working with.

What's left after the purge
All the things I pulled out
Today I got dressed in one of my standard Me-Made-May outfits: a skirt and my polka dot renfrew, and set off to face the day with a good attitude.  I know it won't always make me want to go to work, but hopefully making the decision easier and having less scuzzy outfit options will help a little.  Has anyone else had these crazy purging sprees or is it just me?

I'm not sure when exactly I"ll have a chance to take proper pictures of everything I've been working on lately, but I'll do my best to catch up during August.  There's also this little issue of a blogiversary that I missed, so I'm still brewing about exactly what to do about that....