June 4, 2013


 I told you there'd be recons a-coming!  Actually, most of these were done right before or during May. They're not complicated to deserve separate posts, but just a quick look at each...

Skinny Khaki Pants:
Why yes, it is the same terrible mirror selfie from when I wore these in Me-Made-May!

    These bad boys were culled the last time that I went through my pants for being too short, which doesn't look good at all with a flared pant.  I had really gotten my use out of them (they were part of my work uniform for Sears in high school!) but I thought I might extend their life a little longer by trying to make them skinnies, which look okay at ankle length.  There was very little method to my madness, which basically consisted of pinning the sides out, transferring the markings to the other side, and sewing them up and trying them on.
Guys.  This is why I don't take process pics. But it shows how much flare I had to take out.
    Of course, the first leg fit perfect this way, but the second one took a lot of tweaking.  But in the end, I like them, I don't think it's terribly obvious that they didn't start out as skinnies, and I can try out the trend for free, while stretching a piece of clothing a little further.  Win.

Brown velvet skirt:

This one is as easy as they come.  One of the few pieces I kept from the stuff I got off Freecycle with my cutting table was a floor-length brown velvet skirt (still with the Goodwill tags on) that was too small for me at the waist, but widened out as it went down.  Solution: hack it in the middle, throw in a new elastic waistband, and boom! New, shorter velvet skirt for one night of work.  Though this really should be a fall skirt, I'll probably try to style it once or twice for spring.  It could be a disaster, but luckily no one at work actually cares what I look like, so no big loss.

Grey sweatshirt skirt:

This one isn't a true recon, necessarily.  It's making a completed sewn item work for me.  I only had a small amount of this soft grey sweatshirt material, and for some reason, I decided I'd like to make a skirt with it.  I used the straight skirt pattern from Sew What! Skirts, and completed it, beautiful invisible zipper and all, before I remembered that I need darts in a skirt waist.  Lots of darts!  I didn't want to rip the zipper out (especially not now that I've given away the machine that actually had an invisible zipper foot) and honestly just wanted to either fix it or ruin it, but either way get it off the table.  In the end, I ended up just taking enough out of the top of the side seam without the zipper to at least make it stay on.  There is a bit of a bulge where it meets the rest of the side seam, but I've gotten it down to acceptable for me.  My BF thinks that this is a really weird item.   However, my ideal skirt is one that can be worn with casual clothes and tennis shoes for work, and I don't think you can get more casual than this.  Again, styling could be an issue, but I think this one might get worn for comfort factor alone, because it is as comfortable as a pair of sweatpants but looks a little more put together.

Alright, I think that's me all caught up with everything accomplished during May other than the Me-Made-May challenge itself.  I'm one hem away from a new maxi skirt, so hopefully that'll be up next!


  1. Seems like you've filled out your wardrobe with some quick fixes. One hem away from a maxi skirt? I like the sound of that.

    1. Yeah, the only problem is that I need to get better at working skirts into my normal wardrobe. They're so easy to make, but I don't wear them enough. I think after the maxi skirt I need to go a skirt hiatus for a while. :)