June 1, 2013

Final Thoughts from Me-Made-May

After careful consideration of the garments I wore and did not wear during Me-Made-May 2013, I've had a few minor revelations about things I need to do from here on out in my sewing.

1. No more crappy poly t-shirts.  While these were great for learning, they both make me sweat more and then hold the smell.  Some of them are getting legit bad.  I'll use up any halfway decent fabrics that are still in my stash, but any new t-shirt fabric needs to be at least some sort of blend.  If anyone has a good source for cotton or bamboo knits, let me know.
Polka dot Renfrew, I'm looking at you.
2.  Get over my fear of wovens.  I reaized that basically everything I wore on my top half was all knits.  I have to learn how to make proper FBA's, and then a whole new world of tops opens up to me.
The failure that was my last attempt to sew a woven top.
3.  I AM MAKING SOME DRESSES, DAMMIT!  There is absolutely no reason that I should get so jealous of everyone else's during this month when I am perfectly capable of making my own.  Argh.
This pattern is going down.  Soon.
     Overall, I realized that despite having another year of sewing under my belt, I really don't have a functional wardrobe of just me-mades.  If I hadn't had my RTW jeans, I would have been hosed.  There are really two ways to view this.  Either I can try to remedy the situation and focus on really sewing the things I wear on an every day basis, or I can just accept that while I'm doing my doctorate an all me-made wardrobe is really not an option and just sew whatever inspires me.  Honestly, I'm leaning towards the latter.

     Since learning to sew, I really haven't bought much RTW at all, but also haven't been sewing at a high enough rate to replace the clothes as they get destroyed.  (I work in an organic chemistry lab; clothes do not last for a "normal" lifetime before they become unwearable.)  So wearable clothes are starting to get thin on the ground.  If I give myself permission to sew whatever I want, then use my super thrifting skills to restock my wardrobe in a sustainable way, I think that would be the best of both worlds.  The longer I sew, the more I think about defining my style, but I can't sew fast enough to bring it to fruition.  If sewing becomes a burden to be restocking my everyday wardrobe, it loses some of the fun for me.  The fact that I can sew also opens up the option of reworking thrifted garments, which is (usually) much faster than starting from scratch, and as I've said before, was my first crafting love.

  So moving forward, the new approach is to focus more on getting more clothes I love into the closet in any manner possible.  Expect to see more reconstructions.  Once I feel like I'm not constantly scrambling to find decent outfits, I can settle back and sew exactly what I feel like, with no guilt about making things that may or may not even get worn.  Time to get started! :D

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