May 18, 2013

MMM Week 3 Roundup!

It's week 3 already?  We're over halfway through May already? What the what?

On Saturday, I wore a blue scoop-neck Renfrew with a purple tank underneath.  With the way the layers shift, it ends up looking a little Flashdance, because one strap of the tanktop is always hanging out.

This shirt is not one of my favorites.  It's odd, because this neckline should be the same as my polka dot one one, but it seems too high on this one, but not on my other ones.  This is also very cheap poly fabric that clings more than I'd like to everything underneath.  I'll probably keep it as is, but I would eventually like to replace it with a nicer version

On Monday,  I wore my long sleeved pink Renfrew but totally failed to get a picture.  However, the reason I failed to do so is totally justified - I was helping my friend figure out what she was doing wrong in trying to use my old machine that I gave her. Hint:  using the presser foot solves a lot of problems. ;)  I got an apple lager and homemade chicken pot pie for my trouble, so I consider it a fair trade and a fun time.

Tuesday I wore an as-yet unblogged grey sweatshirt skirt with my vintage REO Speedwagon t-shirt.  After wearing it once, I decided that I don't like the hand-sewn hem on this, because it doesn't blend in as well as I  thought it would in such a thick fabric, and it's sporty enough that I want to change it to a machine hem.

Wednesday I went for an old standby, the polka dotted Renfrew that is my favorite version of this pattern to date.  Can we be real here though?  For some reason, this fabric (another poly blend, obtained at an auction back when I was learning to handsew, so at least 15 years ago!) seems to hold odors between washes.   Specifically in the armpit area.  I really love this top and don't want to let it go, but if I can't figure out a solution we only have a limited amount of time left before it just gets too gross. :(
This was a camera self-timer fail.  Also my hair is not orange like this lighting makes it look. :p
Friday I spent all day helping to grade approximately 500 undergraduate second-semester organic chemistry finals.  It was not a looking fabulous kind of day.  :)

Coming up, I think I'm going to just do a roundup post of all the refashions I've been doing (pretty much all my action sewing-wise, but not very exciting individually), and possibly a couple of deep-thinking kind of posts.  Hope everyone's Friday was more interesting than mine!


  1. Polyester can be pretty bad for the smell issue. You aren't alone.

    1. Hehehe...glad I'm in such esteeemed company I guess. :)