May 10, 2013

MMM Week 2!

Alright, week 2!  For this week, I've stolen the idea from Modern Vintage Cupcakes to also talk about any changes that need to be made to my me-mades to make me reach for them more often.

Monday:  Was a Monday. Didn't feel like doing much of anything, so I threw on my black KS3338.  The material this is made of is the most comfortable stuff ever.

No real changes that I can actually do for this one, though the armscye is kind of weird and the neck binding is kind of a hot mess.  It was an early make, but the black hides the mistakes enough that it's still wearable for lab work.

Tuesday:  Another long day, another comfort outfit.  My garden cardigan is great for days when I want to be comfy but still cute. (The BF could not be bothered to leave his computer to take a picture, or, you know, keep my head in the shot...)

The only thing that's really annoying on this one is it draping forward when I'm trying to do lab work.  If I have enough of the fabric left I'll make a belt for it; if not, I'll go on the hunt for some sort of brooch or something else to pin it shut.

Wednesday:  Really nice out, wanted to wear something bright and happy, so I pulled out the paisley KS3338.

I think this shirt has shrunk some.  The hemline is right at the top of my jeans, and the bust darts are too high (the whole dart, not just the point).  It may be close to the end of its lifetime with me, but I'll keep it until it's absolutely unwearable because I love the fabric.

Friday:  My last day of teaching for the semester.  I really need to do laundry and the weather wasn't cooperating with my original plan, so I reached for an unblogged refashion I did a while ago.  These pants were too short to wear as they were (flared pants look weird when they're too short), but I figured it was a good chance to try out the skinny pants trend, since those can be ankle length and be just fine.

(No photographer this morning, and this was the picture where it was most obvious that these are khaki skinny pants.  In several of them it just looked like I was wearing a long sweater and no pants!)

No changes yet, though I may have some after more outings.  These pants were originally from at least 5 years ago, so they're pretty worn in general.  This incarnation will most likely be their last.

I feel like this week was all about the low-hanging fruit.  I didn't put "no repeats" in my MMM pledge, but for the sake of this post not being the same four pictures every week, I'm going to try to mix it up.  But for the last week of classes and teaching, I was all about the old favorites.  Hopefully I can keep it up for three more weeks!  I'm loving seeing everyone else's MMM posts; so many new patterns I need to get!

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