May 2, 2013

MMM Starts and Paying it Forward

Hey guys!  I'm generally planning on just doing weekly round ups for my MMM garments, but I had to start off with a bang for the first day and it was just so darn nice out that I had to share the photos now!

Sorry, I'm facing the sun here...I heart this skirt.  I'm sure you'll see it again this month.

In other news, remember when I was blathering on about buying a cutting table?  Totally didn't happen for a variety of reasons, but last week Freecycle came to the rescue, and I got the exact table I'd been looking at for only the price of the gas to go pick it up.  A couple of the wheels are broken so it takes a bit of jury-rigging to get set up, but it's better than abusing my knees on the bedroom floor by a long shot.  I haven't gotten to give it a proper try yet, but this weekend, it's happening.

   I'd also previously mentioned that when one of my friends heard I had made my own shirt, she expressed interest in buying my old sewing machine off of me.  I'll admit, I had a moment right before she showed up where I wanted to keep it all for myself, but then her excitement at being able to make her own pillows just made it all worth it.  It does mean I'm without a backup machine should something happen to my Interlude, but it also frees me up to look for a different backup or a vintage machine in my goodwill/internet searching. (Featherweight, anyone? :p) It also means I'll have someone else to talk sewing with, or even have sewing days on the weekend with.  If nothing else, I'm hopefully helping to pass the love of sewing on to someone else, and that in itself should be a reward.

Lots to do this month for the end of the semester, but lots of motivation too. Seeing everyone's MMM garments always makes me want to sew!  Here's to a sunny sewing summer!

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