May 27, 2013

MMM Days 18-27 Update! which I hit the wall. I had a very lazy weekend on the 18th (besides getting caught biking in a sudden thunderstorm!) and didn't wear any me-mades until Tuesday, which meant I had to come up with four outfits in a row to meet my goal.  The weather heated up so all my long sleeve shirts were out, and I was in trouble. I failed somewhat at pictures, but managed to keep to my goal with one tiny exception...

Tuesday, I managed to pull out the paisley KS3338.

Wednesday, my me-made was a friendship bracelet I made like 10 years ago.  It was a bad morning, what can I say?  It's my one total cop-out for the month.

Thursday,  I rocked the polka dot Renfrew, for the last time unless I can get the smells out of that poly....

Friday, the BF decided to take me to Red Lobster (our favorite "fancy" restaurant) for our five year dating anniversary.  He was still wearing his suit because we went straight from work, so I made sure to dress up so he wouldn't feel overdressed.  Tie-dye skirt to the rescue!  I still love this skirt.

I then failed to upload the pictures until today, so I'm going to go all the way through today's outfits.

Sunday it was cold and nasty, so the garden cardigan got another outing.  I need a new shirt to wear underneath it, as the Old Navy tank under here is gross and shrunk to the point where it wants to show my stomach.

The unintentional halo behind my head there is just a poorly placed lamp.  :)

Today was still a work day for me even if it's a holiday for everyone else, but I was a little bitter about it and didn't feel like getting dressed.  The basic black KS3338 is great for these kind of days because it's so soft, but a little wonky so I can only wear it on days when I don't particularly care what I look like.

I also have to point out my new accessory (let's be honest, my only accessory) that appears after Friday.  It's a necklace the BF got me for my anniversary, and he done good - it's so "me"!  So you'll probably see it popping up a lot from here on out.

Since I managed to do well for the beginning of this week, I only have to manage two more me-made outfits to finish out the month!  I can't lie; I'm always glad to have the choice to throw on whatever I want in the morning without having to think about it once May is over.  However, I always get a lot of insight into the state of my me-made wardrobe, so I'll try to write down what I've learned in my final wrap-up.  Here's to finishing strong!

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  1. I love the necklace. It's beautiful and has a lot of meaning behind it...I hope you wear it in good health, happiness and love!