May 5, 2013

MMM '13 - Week One

NOTE: I wrote this all up on Friday, but just didn't get the pictures uploaded until today.

Yes, I realize it's not been a full week, but the month ends on a Friday, and I'd rather have the goofy week (by my count) be at the beginning of the month, rather than at the end when I'd be more likely to say, "Oh those last two days totally don't count."  This way I have this one stunted week, and the rest are nice full weeks.

So you already saw my Day 1 outfit, but I'll post it again cause I can!

Not the best picture, but it's proof.  I also really need to get going on sewing a replacement for that purple shirt.  The holes are getting especially eggregious.

Day 2- Simple but effective.  Polka dot Renfrew for the win.  It's a little see through, so I usually wear a white tanktop underneath like I did here.  I also promise I actually did my hair after this picture, but I had to grab the BF to take pictures before he left for work.

Day three was a old college sweatshirt day, as I started with a dentist appointment at 7 am, then had to proctor and grade 300 organic chemistry exams for the rest of the day.  Fun stuff.

So, 2 out of 3 days is a 66% me-made week, which definitely exceeds my 4 out of 7 for the rest of the weeks (~57%, if you are a math nerd like me), so I call Week 1 a success!

Additionally, I'm all fired up about some completely different sewing plans.  Specifically, I've always had in the back of my mind that my perfect go-to casual dress pattern would be a wrap dress, as my most successful RTW dresses have mostly been this type.  I was looking for something else in my stash and lo and behold, I realized I own Vogue 8379, a Very Easy Vogue, and a simple wrap knit dress pattern.

 This needs to happen this month.  (Even if it is nasty, cold and rainy right now.)  My brain is fried from all the grading, so I'm off!

Bonus kitty picture!  (You can see how huuuuge he is!)

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