May 31, 2013

MMM '13: The Final Days

It's finally at the end!  I won't say I didn't get burnt out, because I totally did.  But unlike last year, I did d actually finish out this challenge, AND managed to get real pictures of my last two outfits for the month!

At this point, you guys know what this shirt looks like, so I was just being goofy.
This shirt was saved unintentionally by switching to a new brand of laundry detergent (I generally buy whatever's on sale at the grocery store).  The smell isn't gone completely, but it's significantly tamed down.  For now.  I highly suspect this will be the last Me-Made-May this shirt will appear in.

I won't lie, I was honestly dreading picking a handmade item for today.  The nasty rainy weather we've had all week killed any chances of skirt wearing and I just did not want to wear one of my poly t-shirts again.  Luckily, when I was blog reading during breakfast, Clio's new linen pants reminded me that I had a pair of my own that I could pull out for my last hurrah!

You might notice that this is the exact same outfit as when I originally made these pants, and that would be because this is the only way I've found to wear these pants that doesn't look like I'm just trying to wear pajamas.  In my head, this look is very hippie-yoga ish, and they look flowy and cool.

Side note: New Glasses!  These are a little bit louder than glasses I usually wear, and honestly they make me feel like I need to step up my fashion game.  If the glasses are going to make a statement, I want the rest of my outfit to do so too.  My boyfriend also pointed out that I sort of look like Kitty from Arrested Development with these glasses.  Not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing.  In any case, they're corrected for my worsening astigmatism, so I can see better, which is the actual important bit! Yay!

As with last year, participating in Me-Made-May has definitely been a good eye-opener for the state of my sewn wardrobe.  I've definitely come to some realizations and made some decisions for moving forward, but I'm going to mull over them a little more and give them their own post.  For today, I can celebrate successfully completing the challenge!

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