April 3, 2013

March Wrap-Up and April Goals

Alright, it's that time of month again!  For the month of March, I set myself one goal:  make something that I will feel fabulous in.  Did I succeed?  Not particularly.  I did complete 2 garments in the month of March.  Both had the potential to replicate favorite pieces that I already have in my wardrobe, but both fell somewhat short, as evidenced by the fact that I haven't posted either one yet.  I will get them posted soon, for the sake of documenting them and maybe to help see them in a new light.  But I did make the attempt, which is half the battle, and I enjoyed sewing both pieces.  I'm just 0 for 2 on the finished product.

For April, I'm feeling ambitious.  Considering that HabitRPG has kicked my general productivity into high gear, I'm going big this month, even thought I am going to lose a whole week to the ACS meeting. One garment a week (that I'm home) sounds good.

Goal 1: Production sewing of Thurlows.  I finished the muslin, loved the fit, and already have at least two fabrics earmarked for making these.  I just have to buckle down and sew them.  I'm planning on cutting out both at once, so as soon as I finish the first pair I can go right into the second, before I forget everything about the pattern.  This does have welt pockets, which will be a new endeavor for me, but we'll see if I have the patience to include them or not.

Goal 2:  Start my brown corduroy jacket from Butterick 5568.  I'm always lacking in spring-or fall-weight jackets, and I'm also not sure how much longer the peplum will be cool. :p  This is a longer than one month project since this will be my first jacket as well, but as long as I make some progress that would be good.  A finished muslin would be epic.
Goal 3:  One quick knit top.  Me-Made-May is coming up and I plan to participate again, so throwing at least one more finished knit top into the rotation can't be a bad idea.  Ideally I'd like to try out a new pattern (other than the Renfrew) for this, just for a change of pace.  A couple contenders in my collection are:

There is, of course, always the option of the cowl-neck Renfrew, as I haven't made that view yet.  (I'm sorry, I just love Sewaholic Patterns, okay?)

Bonus goal: Reorganize my fabric stash again.  After I finally washed everything from the auction haul, there is a huge stack on top of my cube organizer that is threatening to fall off at any moment.  If I get the Thurlows knocked out, that's a fair few yards of fabric I'll have made room for.  Since I'm keeping things moving a little more lately, hopefully this will continue to whittle the stash down instead of building it up overall.

Hope everyone's enjoying the almost-actually-spring weather now!  I won't believe it's really here until all the snow melts, but the sunshine is definitely an improvement.  Go forth and sew for spring! :)


  1. There is nothing wrong with more Renfrews. No one really notices when a shirt is from the same pattern (particularly when you add the cowl. If you're looking for a quick project to leave time for Thurlows and jackets... it might be a good idea.
    As for weather, it was still freaking snowing here yesterday. BUT tomorrow is suppose to be 11C so it will feel like spring.

    1. I know the Renfrew is a go-to for so many people now...I'll probably resort to the Renfrew if it gets to the end of the month before I start the knit top. Ugh, it has at least stopped snowing here, so I guess I'm grateful for that. Sunny New Orleans is probably just going to make me pine for summer even more when I get back, but the heat will be soooo nice.