March 9, 2013

Weird Sewing Experience

So last night, we had a poster session for grad student recruiting.  I had my group's part set up and walk over to a group of other grad students, wearing my paisley KS3338 t-shirt.

"I like your shirt, Alicia."

"Thanks, I made it." (offhandedly, since this is an old make and a pattern that needed significant tweaks after this version)


If I'd have said I personally landed a spaceship on the moon, I don't know if they could have been more impressed.  One woman literally starts peering at the side seams and mumbles something about there being "details and everything".  It's a t-shirt; there are no details except maybe the twin needle stitching on the hem.  It was an odd experience, to say the least. They got over it fast enough, and it actually turned out that one of them might want to buy my old backup sewing machine.  But their initial reaction was just so far outside of anything I've ever experienced before. Has something like this happened to anyone else?  Have you had even weirder reactions than that?

P.S. Real sewing has happened, I just haven't had time for pics, due to said grad student recruiting and such.  Hopefully on Sunday...

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