February 6, 2013

The Lucky Shopping Manual

So no GPOYW today because we have a fancy dinner tonight with one of the most important chemists in my field, and I don't sew fancy clothes as a rule because I only use them once in a blue moon.  Instead, I thought I'd talk about one of my favorite wardrobe-related books, which I promise is sewing-related, in its own way.

I don’t know where I originally picked this book up, but what I do know is that it got purged in one of my many moves during college, and I regretted giving it up.  Luckily I found a different copy at Half Price Books last year, and fell in love all over again.  This time around, I realized that it is perfectly suited to guide sewing wardrobe decisions in place of shopping wardrobe decisions.  

The whole point of the book is to give you tools to build a complete wardrobe.  The book is split up by garment type, and at the end of each section has a “you’re completely covered if you have…” with a list of the classic basics for each type.  Granted, they assume a bit more glamorous lifestyle than I will ever live, but the bones are good. I also LOVE that they don't give brands or prices; they truly want them to be example pieces to expand on.

This book is so useful to me because I am not the sort of person that will ever have the mental endurance to do a SWAP.  I generally only sew whatever is intriguing me at the moment, partially because I often have so little sewing time that I refuse to waste it on things I'm not loving.  But at pretty much any point in my sewing adventure here, I can check back with this book and instantly spot some holes in my wardrobe that could be filled.  It's like one giant SWAP all organized for me!  But one that I can do at my own pace, with no pressure.  There are also some style and fit tips, which are not as useful for sewing, but nice to have nonetheless.  Does anyone else have or use this book?

In other news, sewing is going slower than I'd like, as usual.  Last weekend was spent mostly cleaning up and serging all the loose pieces (i.e. not on bolts) of fabric that I got from the auction so that they can be prewashed.  The amount in that box makes me boost my estimate of total fabric from that auction closer to 75 yards, which would mean I paid an average of 66 cents per yard.  Looking at all of it, I almost want to make some crazy declaration about not buying anymore fabric this year, but I know if I do that I will only think about all the fabric I can't have.  I'm trying to save money this month anyway, so hopefully no crazy fabric shopping will occur. I am trying to put all the pieces that have spoken to me into the "To-Do Queue" and then any time I get the itch to start a new project I can look there and have plenty of projects where at least the main fabric will be from stash.  If only I could borrow a few days of free time off of someone, I'd be completely set.  :)  Well, I'll just keep trucking and see if I can get anything meaningful done this weekend!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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