February 1, 2013

January Wrap-Up and February Goals

In keeping with my year-long goal to keep up with monthly lists, it's time to assess my January goals and set new ones for February!

First, the January goals:
1. Finish floral cardigan that I have cut out - COMPLETED.  This one really needed to happen, as I had it all cut out over Christmas, and it's a really easy sew.  It's done, and I really like it.  Full info here.
2. Make a muslin of the Thurlow pants. - STARTED. The progress made here was to locate the sheets I wanted to use for the muslin and cut the pattern out.  Which is better than nothing, I suppose.
3.  Do something with grey sweatshirt fabric. - DARN CLOSE.  The skirt I'm making from this is actually completely assembled, but with some serious fitting issues.  There will be some dart insertion on the fly going on, I'm pretty sure.  But it should be done soon, which is the important bit.

For this month, in which I should have substantially more free time:
1. Thurlows.  Make some progress.  For realsies.
2.  Make a wearable muslin of the Vogue 8379 dress out of black knit and make any needed pattern adjustments for the next version

I actually think those two will be sufficient, because if I get the Thurlow muslin done, I can move on to the two pairs I currently have fabric for, and if I get the dress done, I also have fabric for two more versions.  As you can tell, I'm really embracing the concept of a TNT pattern here.  I'm coming to realize that pattern manipulation is really not my favorite part of sewing, so if I can get something to fit and flatter, I'm going to make it in a bunch of different colors.  Maybe one day I'll have enough "good" clothes where I can enjoy drafting and working with lots of new patterns, but that day is not today. 

All in all, kind of a slow start, but I also had a research proposal defense and a journal publication to finish in January, so February should be a little more open timewise.  A parting picture of what happens if I try to cut fabric in my actual apartment (as opposed to on the floor of the storage unit, which is what I usually do):

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