February 12, 2013

Held Back By Cutting

I must confess, after I saw Elizabeth's post about cutting, I had a moment of, "I'm not alone!"  Cutting has never been my favorite step of the process, but lately it has crept out of the realm of "necessary evil" to "just not gonna do it."  Part of it is situational.  For the last 6 weeks or so, we have had to keep our two cats separated, as one of them had a very traumatic accident that resulted in her having half her tail amputated, and we aren't taking any risks with the (larger, rowdier) cat accidentally reopening the wound by roughhousing.  However, in a one-bedroom apartment, this means I have no room in which there is not a cat.  This means my cutting choices are:

1.  Try to cut with a cat around.  This is nigh impossible, as both of them will jump straight into the middle of any fabric as soon as it's laid out.

2.  Cut on the concrete floor of the storage unit behind our apartment.  While this is the most viable option, I just can't take the hard floor for very long, and no heating means that I really hate it right now.

3.  Sneak into work on Sunday to use big tables in conference rooms.  This one keeps occurring to me, but will most likely never happen.  I'm less worried about someone seeing me than I am not having access to an iron during the process or driving all the way there, only to forget something important.

I would love to come up with a solution that doesn't involve spending money, but at this point I think my best bet is to buy one of these folding tables from JoAnn's.

I've got some gift cards for there left over from Christmas, and I feel like if it keeps me from completely dreading one part of the process, then it's worth it.  The reviews are either "it's total crap" or "it's wobbly but useable."  At this point, I'm willing to take the gamble, as otherwise I may never be able to get any sort of momentum going if cutting every project is like pulling teeth.  I'm aware there are other sturdier tables around, but they all appear to be far out of my price range.  If I still had access to my dad's garage, I would probably attempt some sort of DIY hack first, but at this point, it's not an option. This would be able to stay in the storage unit and not require any help to put up and take down (crucial for those nights when I get home and want to make the most of my 1-2 hours of time before I'm falling asleep but the BF's playing WoW and can't help), and would save my back and knees. 

Any words of wisdom for those of us in small spaces?  All of this just makes me LONG for the day when I can get a house.  I am so not an apartment kind of girl.  I guess if my productivity rockets up in the next week or so, you all will know that I bit the bullet and the table works. Or that I quit my Ph.D. program and have decided to pursue life as a seamstress.  Probably the table, though. ;)


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your cat, I hope her tail heals well - and soon!

    I bought the Norden gateleg table from Ikea only to realize I didn't have space for it in my sewing room with all the non-sewing stuff in there. The desk for the Expidit is bigger than my cutting mat for my rotary cutter anyhow so most things get cut there. Sometimes I go to the dining room table, Sunday I cut on the laminate dining room floor. I found that with Tiramisu the knit fabric was going to fall off the table and distort it, the smooth floor seemed a good solution. My knees still feel a little bruised, I can't imagine cutting on concrete.

    One day we'll have storage space and I'll find a use for that table so I am keeping it for now.

    Wobbly doesn't sound like a good quality in a table though. Any chance you could find a gateleg table used? Or if it's your storage space, a bit piece of wood to straddle two storage boxes?

    1. Yeah, the buying impulse has worn off a little now, so I can consider other options. My regular sewing table is a 6' plastic banquet table that folds in half, so I was thinking I could try to find a secondhand regular table to replace that, then use the folding one for cutting. It wouldn't be quite as convenient because it doesn't have wheels, but at least I know it's not wobbly, and it does fold. That would also open up more space underneath the regular table because the folding legs wouldn't be in the way. Thrift store trips are probably happening this weekend. Also, the nearest IKEA is a solid 3 hours away for me, so I'm super jealous of everyone who has their furniture. But secondhand is probably going to work better for my wallet anyway. :)

    2. Winnipeg just got an Ikea,I found the excitement rather amusing because as cool as it is, it is not the be all and end all. I suspect you will find something better thrifting,it just takes more time.

    3. Winnipeg just got an Ikea,I found the excitement rather amusing because as cool as it is, it is not the be all and end all. I suspect you will find something better thrifting,it just takes more time.