February 20, 2013

A Little Green Monster...

...is living on my back right now.  Somehow, when I was thinking about how much awesome sewing I would get done in February, I completely neglected the fact that grad student recruiting is this month; therefore, my weekends are trashed (even my precious Sunday) and the weeks are spent working late in lab to make up for the lost weekends.

I feel bursting to the brim with ideas, and have no energy to make them.  It is KILLING me.  I've had "cut just one piece of Thurlow muslin" on my to-do list every day for since the beginning of February, and nada.  Getting to read my blogroll on my lunch break is usually a time of joy for me, but right now it just hurts my poor heart to see all the fabulous things that everyone else is turning out.  Recently, on Craftster, I used the phrase, "I can't not craft" and I truly believe that.  Crafting in some form or another has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember.  The craft has changed, but the need to create hasn't.

So I hereby declare, before God and the Internetz, that I WILL CUT THE THURLOW MUSLIN TONIGHT!  If I have to break my "no coffee after 7 p.m." rule, so be it.  The planned workout is going out the door, and for the sake of my sanity, this must happen.  We are able to leave the cats supervised together now, so I can at least close the bedroom door and cut on the bed instead of the floor.  I know if I can just get rolling, I'm good at doing the 20 minutes here or there to make progress.  So internet friends, I need a kick in the pants.  If there are not pictures of at least flat Thurlow muslin pieces on this blog within the next few days (because let's be honest, it takes longer for me to remember to take pictures than it does to do anything else), I give you full permission to harass me. I'll leave you with a thought...

How does this work when you're the one in your own way? :) 


  1. Did you get around to cutting your muslin? =)

    I'm complaining that I'm not finding time or motivation to sew, but wow your life sounds more packed than mine. I've designated several hours this sunday as sewing time, so hopefully i'll get some done! hope you can squeeze in some crafting time too

    1. I did! I locked myself in the bedroom and had a couple of episodes of Star Trek: TNG on the tablet while I was cutting. Except now, of course, my memory card has gone missing, so I can't take pictures for proof until I find that!