January 24, 2013

The Garden at Night Cardigan

     First of all, I love giving my garments ridiculously pretentious names, as if I'm naming a whole SWAP or something.
 Sorry the pictures are so dark, but there's no natural light left by the time I get home in winter!
     Second, this is my second time making McCall's 5978, a very basic cardigan pattern that I'm pretty sure is now OOP.  The first time was this equally pretentiously named cardigan. :) The only change I made to the pattern this time around was stolen from Molly's version:using a band along the front and neck edge instead of the facings and buttons.  This knit was definitely not strong enough to support buttons, even with interfacing, and I really hated the facings on the last one anyway. Of course, my piece of fabric was just barely not long enough so I had to piece one end of the band, but the busy print hides it pretty well.  I ended up doing the construction in a different order than the instructions, mostly by mistake.  Because I'd just sewn a bunch of Renfrews, I put one of the sleeves in flat before I realized they wanted you to do it after sewing the sleeve seam.  Since I sure was not going to rip it out just to do it in a different order, I put them both in flat, and it worked out fine.
A horrible picture of me, but a better picture of the cardigan
     The fabric for this was from the red tag section of JoAnn's, and I love the design on it.  It's floral without screaming old lady, and in my favorite colors.  For something like $2 a yard, I couldn't pass it up, and I knew right away that I wanted to make this cardigan out of it.
 This makes a great layering piece for work, and has already gotten worn a few times, before I had to break out the really really warm sweaters to put thermals under.  I've got some knit that matches the lighter teal flowers, and am planning to make some sort of matching piece, as the tanktop I was wearing in these pictures is some crappy Old Navy one that I've had since about high school and is now just barely wearable.

Overall, I think this will be a solid addition to my wardrobe. It's a classic shape but in a funky enough print to really reflect my style.  Not a bad start to 2013.  Up next, I am actually sort of on track to complete my goals for January; I dug out some old sheets to make my Thurlow muslin, and have got the grey skirt pieces cut out, but am still deciding on embellishments, which I think will make or break this one.  Things are grooving at work, and the most exciting thing at home for me is the start up of a new Scion game on Saturday.  All these things should lead to lots of happy sewing time.  Here's hoping!

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