January 29, 2013

Good Thing I Wasn't Actually Destashing

Well...I technically joined the Destash-along on Craftster, but more to make better use of the fabric I already have, not to put a total moratorium on new fabric purchases.  Which is good because this came home with me on Sunday...

So auctions are one of my favorite kinds of secondhand shopping.  When I lived at home, I was at the weekly consignment auction every Tuesday night like clockwork, making a total of one high school girl with about 50 old farmers.  Luckily, they were all sweethearts and made sure I knew what I was bidding, and I got a great start.  Today, I have no problem following even the fastest auctioneer, have no problem hollering to get attention if they don't see me, and it's totally an adrenaline rush.  Unfortunately, I rarely get to go to one because of my work schedule, so when I clicked on the one  Sunday auction this month and saw this...

I knew it had to happen.  So I braved the freezing rain alone (the BF was playing in a Magic: The Gathering tournament that day) and went out to the auction.  They didn't get to the fabric until about 4 hours in, and by that time there was some fierce competition.  Luckily, there was so much stuff that I was able to snag a few groupings (they were selling groups of 3-6 bolts at a time).  At the end of the day, my total was 49.50, and I ended up with over 55 yards of fabric.  And I was the one that purchased the least!  Several women there had bills of about $200, so imagine how much fabric they took home!  All in all, a good day.

When I got it home, there were a few pieces that immediately told me what they wanted to be, and only one bolt that I'm fairly certain I will never use.  Some of my favorites....

This will be used for steampunk costumes, as I've got at least 6 yards of it. It's redder than in this picture, but it shows the design and slubbiness at least.

This is going to become a crazy wrap dress, that will be gaudy as all get out and I will love it.  I'm pretty sure it's a border print all the way, which will be fun to play with.

This is the one bolt that I really haven't got a clue what I'm going to do with.  BF says pillowcases.  I said only if he's sewing them!

Now, to get to sewing all this up before I'm drowning in fabric.  Wish me luck!


  1. That's a whole lot of fabric, and a steal of a price. Is that last one cotton? I would agree with your BF that it seems more crafty than clothing to me. Wine bags? Lining for a shopping bag? Or give it to someone who would like it.

    1. Honestly, since I have 4 yards, I think it's going to the thrift store the next time I go. I've got plenty of fabric to use for muslins (which was my first thought), and it is a cute design for crafty things for teachers or something. Someone else can use it better than I can, and St. Vinnie's will make a little money at the same time.

    2. Win-win. It really does say teacher, doesn't it? Maybe because it looks a bit like apple cores?

      I have nominated you for a Liebster award should you wish to play along. :)