December 30, 2012

Only Slightly Underwhelming Year-End Review

     After seeing everyone else's inspiring year-end reviews, I really wanted to do my own, and went back to see how many garments I had made.

If you're keeping track at home, that 's a whopping 12 garments.  In comparison to many bloggers, not a whole lot.  However, my life is not the same as most bloggers, and I have to keep that in mind.  In addition, I completed 3 Ph.D. requirements this year, each taking a full 3 weeks out of the lab and working all hours of the day.  Next year, I won't automatically lose a couple months worth of sewing time from those.  Though I was initially a bit disappointed by my output, there are a few garments in there that get worn constantly - namely the first Renfrew I made, the tie-dye skirt, and the loose linen pants.  If I can add a couple favorites to my wardrobe every year, eventually I'll get to the point where every thing is a favorite!  So no moping about it: onto next year's goals!
1: Maintain my current rate of one garment per month.  Anything additional is gravy.
2. Keep up with monthly goals.  I love writing lists, even if I don't get to everything (or anything :/)on them.
3.  Finish one costume for GenCon for ME!  My BF gets so excited about the new costumes he wants every year that somehow mine fall by the wayside.  Not this year!
4.  Sew at least one friggin' dress.  I love seeing all the beautiful dresses everyone else makes, and I know even a super casual one would be a solid step up for my wardrobe

I'm also listing my progress this year on the Craftster 50 Projects in 2013 list as well - I think I've stated before that I love the Craftster community, and seeing all the different projects on there always inspires me to get up and craft something.  This'll be my last post for this year, but hopefully I'll get my January goals up soon!  Hope everyone gets to enjoy these last few days of 2012!


  1. 12 garments beats my 5 =P and what matters more is that you are making wearable garments. you should be proud for all you have accomplished and still being able to sew at all! may 2013 hold nothing but joy and success for you! Happy New Year!

  2. I wouldn't worry about quantity at all. Everyone has different needs and time available to sew, and interest quite frankly. I know I have more than just sewing going on in my non-work life and that deserves some time too.

    But like you, many of my favourite things in my wardrobe are self made. Take a lot of pride in that fact and build on it.