August 3, 2012

Vogue 8584 – The Most Comfortable Pants on Earth

     Holy crap, a finished garment!  How long has it been since I posted one of these?  (I probably don’t want to know, actually.)  These pants have actually be done for at least a week, but I wore them so much on my staycation that they needed a good wash before I could take pictures.  Then they needed a good press.  Then I just needed time to take the pictures.  You know how it goes.

These pants are made from Vogue 8584, inspired by Elizabeth’s version, and made from olive green  linen from Hancock’s. Since they are wide legged pants, I didn’t bother with any real alterations, and instead just cut one size up to accommodate my thighs and rear. I was really worried about if wide-legged pants would make me look huge, but I actually really like them!  They are also boyfriend-approved, which is a pretty rare honor.  
Not sure why I was standing with one foot so far in front of the other...

   My biggest gripe with them is how high the waist is.  I'm beginning to wonder if I just have a really short crotch rise or what.  I'm not someone who's all about low-rise anything, but it seems like all the pants I've made are like at my ribcage high.  Eventually I might make the effort to lower the casing, but for now they're just fine.  I do hate the lack of pockets, but I think these will end up being weekend pants rather than work pants anyway.   

    I'm heading into a particularly busy period at work (when am I not, it seems?) but finally completing something reminds me how good it feels, and helps me keep going.  I am, however, going to skip the goal-setting for August and just consider anything completed a victory.  I also have a couple of other random posts swirling around in my mind, so look out for those coming up soon!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your pants, they look great for summer!