July 13, 2012

Random Thoughts Today...

I want to make sure I get back into blogging regularly, but the amount of sewing I've done on my Vogue 8584 pants isn't really blog-worthy progress yet. Luckily, I love reading other people’s “flypaper thoughts” posts, so I thought I’d do that today.

  • Pressing linen is really up there as one of those things that just makes everything seem okay in the world.   
  • I think no matter how many small crafty items I make, my scrap bin is never ever going to get emptier.
  • I really enjoy the fact that I get into work several hours before everyone else, and it is always my most productive time.  Finally embracing the fact that simply am a morning person has made such a difference.
  • I’ll finally get to go to the farmer’s market this morning (first time this season!) and get some super fabulous summer produce. 
  • I mentioned once doing some sort of “stash feature” to get myself thinking about what to do with some of the random pieces of fabric I own (and possibly solicit advice from some  other lovely seamstresses.  However, I’m going to cheat and start with a piece that I already know what I’m going to do with.
This lovely floral knit was a chance find at JoAnn’s on clearance, so I snagged 2 yards to make another cardigan.  I’m seriously planning to have a cardi for every occasion. Since I work in air conditioning and am ALWAYS cold, there is basically no work situation in which I am not wearing long sleeves. Take that, J. Crew!  (I've never actually shopped at J. Crew, but in my mind they are evil purveyors of lovely cashmere cardigans that I will never be able to afford.)

That's all for today, next post will hopefully be some completed pants!

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