July 24, 2012

Meet The Reason for My Lack of Sewing…

This is Gimli.

Gimli is the cat bought with the credit we received after the first dog we adopted didn’t get along with the cat, and a volunteer mistakenly told us the credit only lasted a month, when it really lasted a year, and I decided there’d be no way I could find a dog in one month that I really loved, where the BF had plenty of cats to choose from.  Whew.  That’s the sum-up of a solid month of stress.  No fault of the animals involved, but lots of roller coaster emotions.  The point we’re at now is in the slow introduction stage, where we have to keep the two animals separated, which is quite the trick in a one-bedroom apartment.  It slows everything down because you don’t want to go in the room with the lonely cat unless you plan to stay for some solid petting time, but at least the visits to the county shelter and the vet are basically over now.

I’m not anti-cat, but I like dogs better.  Gimli is a big social boy who likes having his belly rubbed, through, so I'm inclined to forgive him. :)  

I actually do have on completed garment to show, and hope to have at least one more before the end of my "staycation" in a couple of days.   More to come!

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