June 1, 2012

May Recap and June Goals

    So this month was pretty crazy – friends moving away, the end of the school semester and all the grading that goes along with that, but I still managed to keep a few of my sewing goals from May. Let’s recap, shall we?
  • Obviously, stick to my goal for Me-Made-May: wear one handmade garment 3 times a week, blogged at least once a week. – Kept for the first 4 weeks of the month, but I just couldn’t stand wearing those same few shirts for the last few days.  Next year I should be much better prepared for this. 
  • Make a dress.  I love seeing all the dresses other bloggers make, and going into summer, this is the perfect time to make at least one dress.  My boss is the queen of throwing on a knit dress and being ready to go, so I know it can be done.  This is likely to be the maxi dress (eternally in the pattern alteration stage), or Simplicity 2145. – This one actually happened, but was such a fail I didn’t post about it.  I made a version of McCall’s 5890, but come hell or high water, I could not get the seams to look like anything but crap.  So I finished it haphazardly and plan to wear it as a nightgown, and get a better recovery knit to try again. 

  • Make 3 tops.  I think I’m going to need this one just to make it through Me-Made-May.  I’ve got a couple of possible patterns, but no good fabric lined up for them yet.  I’d really like to make some nice woven blouses, but don’t know if I should just knock out some knit tops instead.  Leaving this one pretty open for now… - Well, I got the Renfrew, and the cardigan.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?
  • I’m going to leave one refashion and one UFO on here, because I’ve still got several of both sitting around. – We’re just not going to mention this one. I think I even made more UFOs.  :(

As for June,  I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do.  I maintain a pretty solid list of what  I want to do with the fabric I have, so it's not really a matter of determining what garments to make, it's just the order and a way to get me focused.  What I came up with...

  • "3 in, 3 out"  I went to Hancock's the other day and bought 3 specific fabrics for 3 specific projects - 2 more solid color knits for Renfrews, and some linen to make Vogue 8584.  I'm going to try to get all three sewn up before they even make it into the stash.  One of the shirts will be long sleeved and not terribly useful right now, but won't it be a nice surprise to already have something new when the cold weather does roll around? 
  • Finish all the sweater vests.  These are ridiculously easy to do, and the sweaters waiting to become them are taking up a lot of space.  (Since obviously just saying "a refashion" is not specific enough.)
  • Reorganize my sewing space.  Since it's the beginning of move-out season here in my apartment complex, I'm keeping an eye out for a big dresser or something to contain my stuff better.  If nothing else, I need to just some shoe boxes, so it stops looking like this...(If you are a neat freak, now would be the time to look away....)

 ...Yeah.  If it was my own sewing room and I could shut the door, maybe this would be okay.  But in a smallish apartment, when this is the first thing you see when you open the door, not so much.

Congrats to everyone who successfully completed Me-Made-May, and here's to a sewing-filled June!

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