May 22, 2012

“Renfrew? What kind of a pattern name is that?”

   This week’s title is courtesy of the BF, who just really doesn’t get it sometimes.  He did, however, say nice things about the completed shirt, so I suppose I can forgive him. 

     So this garment might be a turnaround record for me.  I cut the fabric out on Saturday and had it completed Tuesday night.  When you consider that most days I literally have an absolute max of an hour of sewing time, that’s pretty dang good.  The fabric I used is literally one of the oldest in my stash.  I mean, I learned to sew pillowcases on one of the other colorways of this, that’s how old it is.  It was just waiting for the perfect project, and I think this was a really good use of it.  The dots are big enough not to be super cutesy, and it’s hard to tell, but the base color is actually more “winter white” than bright white, which I generally like better. (It is a pain to match thread to though!)

    It did well in the all day wear test, even surviving a small coffee spill on its first outing.  I especially love how long it is with the hem band on.  A couple things I’ll change on the next version, and yes, there will be a next one: 
  • I need to do a small FBA.  I was between sizes and went for the bigger one, so it’s not too bad, but a little extra room is needed.  I know there’s tutorials for this out on the interwebz.
  • Give myself a teensy bit more room in the sleeve.
  • Fix the neck band weirdness.  On this shirt, the neckband gaps at the back of my neck, which I think means it’s some sort of shoulder fitting issue, but I can’t remember which one.
I wanted this pic to show the neck weirdness, but the glare is in the way. :(
However, overall this pattern gets two thumbs way up!  It went together really easily, and I LOVE not having to try to do fiddly finishes for the neck, sleeves and hem.  A great one for making basics.
One thing that MMM has really done for me already is to really get me thinking about outfits.  As soon as I was done with this shirt, I found myself thinking, “Alright, so I can wear this with jeans or my brown skirt.  What do I do for shoes, and I need to get on making my brown corduroy jacket to wear with it.”  (Side note:  I have a complete lack of lab-appropriate, comfortable, semi dressy brown shoes. Argh.)  This really hasn’t happened to me before, but I like it.  For one thing, it keeps a constant stream of project ideas going, as having one part of an outfit does really makes me want to finish the coordinating pieces so I can see it all together.  Now, we’re not talking SWAP levels of coordination here or anything, but it’s a nice start.

So yay accomplishment! This'll be my first MMM outfit for this week, and as far as last week...we're just going to pretend that didn't happen, mmmkay?  I did actually wear me mades 2 times, but failed utterly on documentation. Back on the wagon for this week, and hopefully keeping the new garments coming! 

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