May 1, 2012

Pain Leads to Color?

      So I try not to generally talk about personal stuff too much on this blog, but this week a serious event occurred; my little sister overdosed on drugs.  She was on life support for 45 minutes, then woke up, ripped out all her IV’s and walked out of the hospital.  Understandably, this has left me confused and worried for her safety.  The day I found out, I ended up leaving work early, coming home and wanting to sew.  I didn’t want to work on the maxi dress, which is still in the pattern alteration stage, so in one night, I cut and sewed an entire skirt.  The gores are from Simplicity 1888, but instead of using the yoked waistband and zipper they recommend, I just gathered the top of the skirt to a piece of knit ribbing that I folded in half.  I was almost in a zombie-like state of shock when I did it, and the easy cutting and sewing this project required was just what I needed.  I finished it up to the point of hemming, then went to bed.  When I got up the next morning, I really looked at what I had made, and I really fell in love.  This is the first time in a while that I just ADORE something I’ve made.  I want to wear this skirt as much as I can get away with until it falls to pieces.

Obviously, the fabric makes this skirt.  I got approximately 3 yards of this from goodwill for 69 cents.  I can’t really tell what fiber content it is, but it’s definitely heavy enough to be a botttomweight, and it has a design woven into it.  It looks hand-dyed to me, but I can’t say for sure.  In my head, I decided that a disgruntled hotel employee stole a set of sheets and dyed them.  
Can you see the woven wreath?

 No matter how it came to be, the explosion of color here was exactly what I was looking for to sooth my soul.  Though I would love to be classy and chic all the time, I love loud things like this way too much.  But when nothing else is going right, I feel no shame in wearing something that makes me feel happy, no matter what anyone else thinks.   This also convenient, as I got to wear it for the first day of Me-Made-May!   
Morning pictures mean natural light!  I couldn't bring myself to crop the kitty out.

I keep confusing people at work, because a very important person is giving a lecture today, so they think I’m dressed up because I’m meeting with him.  Oh well.  I like it. And it's a good start to what will hopefully be a less emotionally draining month. 

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  1. I can see how that would leave you a little shell shocked. I hope your sister is okay going forward.
    It's a lovely skirt, how can you not feel happy surrounded by colour?