May 15, 2012

MMM Week #2

Alright guys, ready for some serious déjà vu?
Tuesday I rocked the paisley KS 3338 again.  And totally failed to get a picture
Thursday I wore the reconned sweater vest, since i had meetings with important people.

Saturday ended up being an unexpected day off, and I got to do my favorite weekend activity – yard sales!  For real, I long for the day when Saturday is no longer a workday almost entirely for this reason. Since it was also nice out, I got out the tie dye skirt again (I said I was going to wear it as often as possible!) 

However, this week should have at least a few new arrivals; the Renfrew needs a neckband re-do but is otherwise ready to go, and I have another project done up to the scary buttonholes!  Lots of mojo still, just a matter of squeezing it in to my small amounts of time.  One seam at a time...:)

1 comment:

  1. You make that sweater vest look good! A rare skill. And the second pic makes me think we might be style twins. My fave type of outfit is some kind of fun t-shirt with a girlyish skirt. Love how colorful yours is.