May 9, 2012

MMM Week #1 Recap

So I couldn’t decide whether or not to count Week 1 as ending on Sunday, or go Tuesday to Tuesday for Me-Made-May, but either way I hit my goal of 3 times this week.  The first was the tie dye skirt I showed on Monday.

On Thursday, I wore this paisley KS 3338.  I realized while wearing it that I always say I hate orange, but I like this one, which is mostly orange.  Weird.
No, those giant wrinkles on my stomach are not usually there, but my photographer doesn't think to mention things like that. :p

For Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday, I busted out the Butterick 5682 pants, which are basically a fail but work well enough if I’m wearing a long skirt to cover the seriously craptastic front.   Honestly, these are probably going to the Goodwill pile come June 1st, but they work well enough for now.
Yes, that shirt has dinosaurs on it.

At this point, however, I realized that unless I’m going to wear that paisley shirt 3x a week, I’m gonna have to crank something out.  I was really productive with prep work this weekend, but nothing completed yet.  However, I am really excited about a package I got in the mail yesterday…
I couldn’t believe it when I looked on the back and all my measurements were under one size, not separated by three sizes or so.  This is probably going to jump towards the front of the queue, and I’ll be watching like a hawk for the Cambie pattern to come out as well.

End of the semester means I'm busy busy busy, but my mojo's kicking as well, so hopefully soon I'll have some finished garments to show!

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  1. You'll love the Renfrew! I timed myself once and it only took 2 hours to sew (excluding cutting though). It's so mixy-matchy, too, with all the different sleeves and necklines. One of my faves.