May 30, 2012

MMM #4

    So, yet again, I failed terribly at taking pictures for Me-Made-May.  The problem lies in finding a time where I’m not rushing to get around for work, and my photographer is not off playing RPG’s with our friends on the other side of town.   However, I realized that honestly from day to day I look pretty much the same, and as long as I know that I really did it, then recycling pictures from earlier days is not that big of a deal.   Also, I’m sure everyone is super bored of seeing these same few items, but there it is. 

Tuesday, May 22
 The new Renfrew! 

Thursday, May 24

The paisley KS 3338, worn for just a regular day at work.

Friday, May 25

The tie dye skirt got worn out to celebrate the graduation of one of our favorite undergrad workers, who had been there since the research lab was started.  

And with that, I think I'm tapping out of Me-Made-May.  It's been interesting to try to put things together, but the fact is that I just don't have enough to really do the challenge justice.  If it happens again in a year, maybe, but at this point not quite.  

It's been a very emotionally draining couple of weeks; at work I'm in the process of taking over a project from a colleague who is leaving, but who hasn't labelled anything properly, making every day a hunt for data.  I'm also training a new undergrad researcher, which is an interesting mix of trying to let him be independent while also making sure he doesn't catch anything on fire.  Things should settle more soon, and I do get a random day off next week, so here's hoping more sewing can happen! 

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