March 25, 2012

May The Force Be With You...

        This is how the story goes: I come home after a 12-hour day in lab, all hyped up about my new sewing goals.  Looking through my stash, I realize every single piece of cotton I own is all for craft stuff and therefore always just not quite big enough to make my KS 3302 shirt out of.  I remember that deep in my stash there’s these Star Wars sheets that I got for a quarter at a yard sale, with the intent of making a hoodie.  Somehow I convince myself that it could look okay.  I open the pattern and realized that it has been hacked up with the finesse of a 4-year-old.   I correct the damage as best I can, somehow justifying things like two different sizes in the armscye working out, as well as making none of my usual pattern alterations.  I check the sheet, which already had “hoodie” pieces cut out (this was well before I actually knew anything about sewing), and just barely manage to make the pieces fit.  I decided for some reason that it would be better to have a seam down center front than center back.  I cut the pieces, blissfully oblivious, and go to bed.

        The next morning, I wake up to the pieces, without enough sheet to recut anything.  I decide the world will not end if I make a weird shirt, and proceed with the assembly.  And here is the result.

Before you start laughing, let me state that this will obviously not be a worn-in-public shirt (though I’ll post it on the Internet?).  I like the neckline, and the sleeve shape.  If I’d made my normal length addition and FBA, that would relieve a lot of the problems.  I also need to take in the shoulders, and going back to the pattern I realize this is because the person who owned it before me cut a medium below the sleeve and a large above.  Maybe she had broad shoulders, but I don’t.   

          The verdict?  I think it will actually be a good starting point to a basic cotton shirt pattern after some tweaking.  I’ve got an awesome new pajama shirt, which will have matching shorts if there’s enough fabric left, just to complete the ridiculousness.  I hopefully made a few people with laugh with my crazy test garment, and I can check off one of my goals for this month.  Not too shabby, though the lesson here is not to cut while tired. 

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