March 20, 2012

Getting Back on Track

          So as I mentioned, for essentially the last month I had been working around the clock on a seminar I had to give for grad school.  This left no time for sewing, unfortunately.  Now that I’m back on my still crazy, but at least regular schedule, I need ways to stay on task and get things done.  I’ve got crazy half done UFO’s everywhere, and I want some results.  I’m going to try to get back to waking up early to sew, but whether or not that works, I decided I need some measurable goals.  Public humiliation if I don’t complete them is a pretty good motivator, and I’ve seen some other blogs that do monthly goals, so I’m  going to try that for a while.

There’s not much left of March, so these will be my March/April  goals:

  • Make up KS 3302.  I got this pattern at the thrift store for 10 cents and it’s just what I need right now: an easy project that will both give me a sense of accomplishment and fill a wardrobe gap. EXTRA CREDIT GOAL: If I like it the first time, I should make 2 more versions in different colors. I need solid color shirts pretty badly, so this would be a good chance to match some orphan bottoms. 

  • Finish McCall’s 5538.  Cutting fleece when it’s 80°F outside is not something I’m really looking forward to, but most of the pieces are cut out and I may still need it this year if it ever cools back down. 
  •   Finish one UFO and one refashioning project.  Not even going to mention how many of these I have sitting around.  Yikes.
  • Make 1 easy elastic waist skirt.  The recent hot spell has made me realize (yet again) how pathetic my hot weather wardrobe is, and seeing things like Shannon's Skirty Dozen makes me realize how quickly these could help close the wardrobe gap.
  • Use one piece of stash not already allocated for something.  I’ve been pretty good about getting rid of some pieces of fabric I know I’ll never use, but I’m still drowning in what seems like the most random pieces of fabric that are pretty, but I have not a clue what to use them for.   I might have to do a “What Can I Make With This?” post and solicit some input.
That seems like a good start.  Nothing too taxing, but definitely progress to be made.  Hopefully more regular posting will go along with this, and having multiple goals will allow me to indulge my project ADD while still making some sort of progress.  Just having them written down makes me excited to get started!  Hopefully I’ll have some results to show shortly!

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