March 28, 2012

All Too Easy and The Kindness of Strangers

      Completion of Kwik Sew 3302, crazy as it was, combined with a very fruitful round of thrift store shopping this weekend really got my sewing juices flowing, enough so that I was able to knock out two goals with one stone here.  

    The fabric here is a lovely short-pile velvety knit from JoAnn’s.  I’d originally wanted to do some sort of awesome costume from this, but buying 6 yards of it at full price was not in the cards.  By the next time I went to look for it, it was in the clearance aisle and there was only 1 ¼ yds left, which I promptly bought.  My original idea was to do a flowy tunic top, but there wasn’t enough fabric.  I got fixated on it as a top, until this weekend when I realized it would be very cool as a skirt too!  Though I thought it might look good as a long hippie skirt, I realized with the texture and print it was just a bit much.  So I just ended up doing a simple elastic waist using the full width of the fabric (50”) and got this! 

     Why I look so angry here, I have no idea.  I would probably style it a bit more casually, but the green in this shirt matched to well not to make an outfit.  And just like that, I’ve got my elastic waist skirt and a “random piece of stash” checked off my list!  Why didn’t I start doing goals earlier? 

    In other news, I also managed to score a free box of patterns off Freecycle, from a lady cleaning out her stash.  Check out the size of this box!   

From it I got about 12 or so usable patterns in my size (which is pretty good for the price), and the rest will be going to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy them after me!  I had to mention this after seeing Victoria’s blog post about what to do with old patterns.  Passing them on, even if they’re not particularly stylish, could make someone like me very happy!  Share the recycling/reusing love! 
Coming up soon, I’ve already busted out one of my new-to-me patterns from the thrift store to make the shorts to accompany the crazy Star Wars shirt. 

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