January 11, 2012

So simple, yet so satisfying...

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s a black knit shirt (that's a little twisted in the pic-I promise those weird wrinkles aren't always there).  Whoop dee friggin’ doo.  But don’t you see?  It fits! This is the first piece of clothing I’ve made that I can really say fits!  That’s not to say there’s nothing I would change about it, but the major things are there.  No pulling across the boobage: check.  Bust darts actually pointing to the right place? Check.  For once in my life, a shirt that’s actually long enough for my freakishly long torso? Checkity check!  Since the last iteration of this top, I added yet another inch to the length, for a total of 3” from the original, kept the FBA with bust dart from the last one (is it weird to use bust darts in knits?), but moved the end of the dart down to my actual bust point.  There are only a  couple more tweaks I need to do before I can officially declare this an absolute TNT, but it is well on its way.  More importantly, my wardrobe is slowly but surely accumulating replacements for all the ratty  old t-shirts I normally wear to work.  I keep telling myself that this is the perfect time to be making less-than-perfect, learning curve clothes because they’re all going to get holes in them anyway!

Remember when I said my next project was going to be a skirt?  That was before I cleaned the pile of junk off my sewing table and realized I had all the pattern pieces cut out for Simplicity 3956, so I’m going to try to at least muslin the bodice for that before I stray to something else.  I make no guarantees, however.  It’s my hobby, I can stray if I want to….  

I’m loving reading everyone’s new goals for the New Year.  Every year I try not to get too hyped up   about New Years, because I’m a big believer in trying to improve something little every day, rather than make grand resolutions and no progress. Every year, I get suckered in.  There just is such an air of renewal that I can’t help it.  Time to get sewing!

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