January 7, 2012

A Small Dilemma...

So, inspired by some Project Runway watching (I just happened to start getting Season One through Netflix, AND Lifetime has full episodes of the All-Stars on their website), I got some serious mojo going and am only a few hems away from finishing the Kwik Sew 3338 that’s been on my table forever.  I’m ready to start  my next project, which I want to be Butterick 5285 in a purple linen:

The problem is, I can’t decide which (if any) would look good on me.  I originally wanted to do View D with the knife pleats, but the only pictures I’ve seen made up were on girls with no hips or tummy.  Whereas I have a 13” difference between my waist and hips.  Does anyone have experience with this style of skirt?  Would I just spread the pleats and look even worse?  I didn’t think something like View A would be good; I don’t want to add tons of fabric right at my widest point.  I didn’t really consider View B because box pleats just never excite me the way other pleats do, but if it would look better?  Or do girls like me just not get to wear full skirts?  I’m so conflicted….any advice?

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