January 18, 2012

A Possible Deadline?

        First, a confession.  I spend a lot of my blog reading time being jealous of people that have fabulous places to go, and therefore a reason to make fabulous dresses.  Madison has plenty of awesome places to go, but generally I have neither the time nor money to go there. But next week is Restaurant Week, during which time the fancy restaurants offer a three course meal for $25 per person.  It’s become a  tradition among some of the chemistry girls to go every time (there’s one in the winter and one in the summer) and treat it as a fabulous night out.  This year we have reservations for the 23rd of January, which for those keeping track, is less than a week away.  Now I know that I’ve got absolutely nothing appropriate in my closet for this occasion.  I’ve had plenty of ideas of things I could sew, and yet absolutely nothing has been done about it.

        Even now, I’m deluding myself that well, maybe I could finish a skirt if I work all day Sunday….and I don’t have to muslin it…and it ends up looking good…   This mentality is really putting a cramp in my style, because I need to just go out and buy something.  I’ve established that I balk at deadlines and am not motivated by them at all.  Yet my desire for a well-fitting garment discourages me from RTW. Did anyone else hit this point during their sewing days, where you don’t have enough time/skills to sew what you want but still can’t bring yourself to buy RTW?  

       No matter what happens, it’s not like I’ll be going to dinner naked.  Something will work.  But this seems like a good reason to try an enforced sewing time. (I told you I always get suckered into some sort of New Year nonsense…)  During long tedious tasks in the lab, I’ve been making my way through the Sew Forth Now podcasts, and Lori constantly mentions how much you can get done just by getting up a half hour earlier.  I’m at my best in the mornings, and I have previously tried to get some sewing done before work.  But without designating a specific time, I end up doing things like loading the dishwasher instead.  So I now declare that 6:30 – 7 am is now sewing time, and only sewing time.  If I stick to this and start tomorrow (with a little bit of sewing at night), I might actually be able to finish my Butterick 5285 in time to wear to Restaurant Week.  If not, oh well.  Wow, I didn’t think I had this much to say today…better get back to work! 

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