January 19, 2012

Lesson Learned #1: Account for Shrinkage

      I’m sure everyone was waiting with bated breath to see if I actually hauled my tuckus out of bed for a half hour of sewing time this morning.   I'm proud to say I did, after a  slow start.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that I get to start a new series of posts on this blog called “Lesson Learned.”  This goes along with the general theme of turning mistakes into learning opportunities.  It’ll also help keep me from being so ticked about  if I can laugh at myself a little.  It’ll also be a reminder for later of just how far I’ve come.  And when I inevitably make some of the same mistakes, I can just reference “LL #7”.

     So this morning, I hopped spryly out of bed (read:rolled out of bed and groaned) and got started on my skirt.  I had cut the pattern pieces out last night, so I pressed my pattern pieces, pressed my beautiful plum colored linen, laid it all out to get ready to cut, and saw this:
The kitty rolled on it when I went to get the camera - I promise it wasn't that wrinkled before...

      That’s right, my piece of fabric had shrunk enough widthwise that I couldn’t fit the front piece on.  “No problem,” I thought.  I’ll make a center front seam and cut that way.  At which point I realized the fabric had shrunk enough lengthwise that I wouldn’t be able to do that.  I was just SOL.  I checked my immediate stash for something else appropriate (even if I couldn’t make the perfect skirt, I would still like to make one).  No luck.  I will be deep stash diving in the storage unit tonight, but if nothing comes up there, the pleated skirt will be postponed until further notice.  At which point I'm not really sure what I'll work on next.  But whatever it is, I know now that I need to end up with the amount of yardage on the envelope AFTER pretreating.  Lesson learned.

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