January 20, 2012

Amazing What Just a Little Mojo Will Do…

      After the sad discovery of the plum linen being too small for a full skirt, last night I went deep stash diving to find something else appropriate.  I found…something.  It will either turn out awesome or completely ridiculous.  The fabric was free, so nothing really lost.  Unfortunately, the new fabric hadn’t been prewashed, and all the washers were full last night.  No big deal, it happens.  But I was still home alone with a couple hours to kill.  So I just casually went to check if I had a different pattern that called for linen.  A couple hours later, I had Butterick 5644 completely cut out and ready to assemble.  I surprised even myself; the sewing bug bit me hard.
From butterick.mccall.com

      The problem with this new development is that where before I could at least attempt to keep my mind on work at work most of the time, now all I want to think about is sewing.  Grad school is very self-motivated on a day-to-day basis; no one really keeps track of anything you do until it’s to the “oh crap, I have nothing to show for the last month” point.  (I exaggerate, but only slightly.)  So if I really would rather be reading sewing blogs instead of trying to figure out exactly how a certain molecule is oriented in 3D, I can.  Or, for instance, write a blog post at work about how much I’d rather be at home sewing.  I can do that too.  Dangerous, slippery-slope territory, my friends.  But I’m enjoying the sewing bug too much to get TOO worked up about it.  Now back to that darn molecule…

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