December 15, 2011

Pants Pictures!

So I conquered the camera…by going around it.  I realized my computer has a slot to just stick a memory card in and I was able to recover the pictures I couldn’t get before.  Here they are, my Butterick 5682 pants!   To quote an old favorite movie of mine, they're "a Monet:  Looks okay from far away, but up close it's just a mess."  To demonstrate....
See, far away, not so bad...
Then, close rear view, lots of wrinkles! can see my fly front doesn't quite close, as well as the lovely place where I put a beautiful buttonhole...right where the button was supposed to be.

However, all these fault aside, I still made pants!  They're not great, but I had to start somewhere.  Also, as much as I've read about people being afraid of fly fronts, that part wasn't bad at all.  Obviously, mine got a little messed up somewhere, but the idea made total sense to me.  One day, I hope to be someone who can just bang out a pair of jeans in a night, but for now, these are enough.

New sewing is going painfully slow.  I've got my black KS 3338 cut out, it was a battle with the fabric every step of the way.  However, it's close enough to Christmas that I expect some serious sewing time will be had.  New  Year's could possibly turn into an all-night sewathon.  And I would be absolutely fine with that.  Happy sewing!

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