December 6, 2011

Butterick 5682 Pants

I made pants!  They’re probably going to end up going in the Sunday-only pile, but they are finished pants nonetheless.  The reason there are no pictures of these pants is because the crappy camera I’ve been using refuses to recognize that it has pictures on it.  I will have a working camera by Christmas, either because I get one as a gift or because I will hit after-Christmas sales if I don’t.  So this may be a boring no-picture blog for a few weeks.  

So, about the pants.  Even after two muslins, I ended up with enough extra ease that I could pull them up without unzipping before I put the waistband on.  I did some on-the-fly pin fitting and took some out of the side seams, as well as making the waist darts bigger.  I also ended up with really high-waisted pants. I’m not sure if this came from an adjustment I made or if I just have less length between the crotch and my waist.  I have a very long torso above the waist, but I never really considered the lower part.  I’ll have to try to measure the rise from now on.  All in all, I’m going to switch to some other pattern for the real khakis I want to make.  I was only up to “wearable muslin” stage with this pattern, if you remember.  If I had known how to properly account for the ease through flat pattern measuring, this might be a perfectly great pattern.  But for now, it’s going back in the envelope.

Since I’m definitely not up for another round of pant muslining right now, I’ve got two projects going – Simplicity 3956, which was presented as a possible first project for this blog, and yet another version of Kwik Sew 3338.  I’ll make that sucker a TNT yet.  It’s a nice easy pattern to perfect some alterations on.  We’ll see how long those take, while working around finals and Christmas festivities. 

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